Acting NIH Director Admits Appearance Of Conflict Of Interest In Secret Royalty Payments To Fauci, Scientists

Acting NIH Director Admits Appearance Of Conflict Of Interest In Secret Royalty Payments To Fauci, Scientists

Dr. Lawrence Tabak, who took over as NIH Director following the December 2021 resignation of the agency’s long-time leader, Dr. Francis Collins, told a House Appropriations Committee subcommittee that federal law allows the royalty payments but he conceded they don’t look ethical.

Rep. John Moolenaar (R-Mich.) told Tabak that “right now, I think the NIH has a credibility problem and this only feeds into this, and I’m only just learning about this. People in my district say ‘well, so-and-so has a financial interest, or they don’t like Ivermectin because they aren’t benefitting from that royalty …

“You may have very sound scientific reasons for recommending a medicine or not, but the idea that people get a financial benefit from certain research that’s been done and grants that were awarded, that is to me the height of the appearance of a conflict of interest.”

In response, Tabak said NIH does not endorse particular medicines, but rather “we support the science that validates whether an invention is or is not efficacious, we don’t say this is good or this is bad … I certainly can understand that it might seem as a conflict of interest.”

Moolenaar seemed taken aback by Tabak’s response and, while pointing to Fauci, who was also testifying, said “truthfully, I would say you’ve had leaders of NIH saying certain medicines are not good.

Tabak said such statements by NIH are based on clinical trials that are supported by the agency.

Puzzled, Moolenaar then asked Tabak, “but if the agency is awarding who is the beneficiary of the grant, who is doing the trial, and there is somehow finances involved, that there is a financial benefit that could be accrued if someone’s patent or invention is considered validated, do you not see that as a conflict or at least the appearance of a conflict of interest?

After conceding that there is an appearance of a conflict of interest, Tabak suggested to Moolenaar that “maybe this is the sort of thing that we can work together on so that we can explain to you the firewalls that we do have, because they are substantial and significant.”

Moolenaar’s reference to Fauci was in regard to his telling the Associated Press in a 2005 article that first brought the NIH royalties issues into the headlines that he had donated his royalties to charity.

But the issue faded from the headlines after 2005, and is only now getting renewed attention as a result of revelations first reported on May 9 by The Epoch Times that documents obtained in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by a nonprofit government watchdog show an estimated $350 million in undisclosed royalty payments from pharmaceutical and other private firms to top NIH executives, as well as to hundreds of the agency’s health scientists and researchers.

The $350 million in royalty payments were made between 2010 and 2020, according to Open the Books, the nonprofit that took the NIH to court when it refused to acknowledge the group’s FOIA request for documents.

Collins received 14 payments, Fauci received 23 payments and his deputy, Clifford Lane, received eight payments, according to Open the Books.

Adam Andrzejewski, the founder and president of Open the Books, told The Epoch Times Wednesday that NIH continues to withhold important information about the royalty payments, including the names of particular payers and the specific amounts to individuals at NIH.

“With tens of billions of dollars in grant-making at NIH and tens of millions of royalty dollars from third-party payors flowing back into the agency each year, NIH needs to come clean with the American people and open the books. We need to be able to follow the money,” Andrzejewski said.

“We believe transparency will revolutionize U.S. public policy. There is no better example of this than the third-party (think pharmaceutical companies) payments to NIH scientists. Every single outside payment to a government scientist could be a conflict of interest,” he added.

The Moolenaar-Tabak exchange took place during a hearing on the Biden administration’s 2023 budget request.

Rep. Neal Dunn (R-Fla.), who is also a surgeon, told The Epoch Times that “it’s no secret that the agency needs reform. Their many issues were exacerbated and highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Providing the public with transparent access to how the NIH is spending taxpayer dollars and reaching their decisions is a basic responsibility, and they must be held accountable. Now more than ever, we must commit to reforming our federal health agencies and restoring America’s trust in public health.”

We live in a culture that glorifies sin and scoffs at the truth.

We Live in a Culture That Glorifies Sin and Scoffs at the Truth.

While it’s nothing new, we can clearly see today what happens when the truth of God is removed from society: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (see Romans 1).

  • Many are indifferent to the horrors of child sex trafficking yet are outraged if you use pronouns they don’t “identify” with.
  • Many believe masks and injections should be forced on everyone with no choice, yet slaughtering children on the altar of convenience is their “right to choose.”
  • Many believe they are “following the science” when it comes to COVID, election fraud, climate change, and social issues, yet fail to discern they are being lied to by propagandists. True science allows for questions; propaganda does not.

In a culture where everything is upside down, what can we do? Keep proclaiming the TRUTH and let God set things right again. Romans 1:25 says they “changed the truth of God into a lie.” May we always cling to the truth of God and never compromise what is right in the eyes of God for what is expected in the eyes of society.

The truth will shatter every lie; long after every lie is revealed, every account is given, and every crime is punished, the TRUTH will still stand.

It can be exhausting seeing those who choose to live their lives in lies, but we can’t change their hearts and minds…only God can. It’s easy to get frustrated when we don’t see the desired change around us at the rate we want, but it’s the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is, can, and will make the difference.

The culture may want to engage in war over the future, but our victory is already secure in Christ. Stand tall, friends!

They don’t just want to murder children, they want to openly celebrate the murder of children.

They Don’t Just Want to Murder Children, They Want to Openly Celebrate the Murder of Children.

Take a look at their lies: “Abortion is a human right,” Schurr said. “The political attacks on our fundamental right to abortion — the right to bodily autonomy, the right to chart our own course in life, the right to protect our health and well-being — are grossly unconstitutional, immoral, disgraceful and pathetic.”

We can never stop fighting, because the enemy isn’t stopping their assault on truth. May God help us shut down these satanic sacrifices.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

They Want to Control Your Food Source So Food Processing Plants Are Mysteriously Catching Fire.

They Want to Control Your Food Source So Food Processing Plants Are Mysteriously Catching Fire.

They want to control your guns so shootings have mysteriously picked up in frequency.

They want to control your health choices so COVID cases mysteriously continue to rise.

The playbook is obvious to all who are paying attention; they create a crisis in order to sell the “cure.”

That’s the problem with giving up your rights during times of crises…they will always manufacture a crisis in order to take more of your rights.

Fight back.

Grow a garden.

Keep your guns.

Make your own choices.

Every Once and Awhile I’ll Be Accused of “Pushing Hopium.”

Every Once and Awhile I’ll Be Accused of “Pushing Hopium.”

Someone will ask me, “How can you be so positive and hopeful in the midst of all the darkness that surrounds us?”

The answer is simple: I’ve read the end of the Book; while the enemy may be winning a few battles, I’m 100% certain that God has already won the war.

The definition of hopium is “false hope or irrational optimism.”

Believing that God has won is not irrational…it’s the TRUTH. It’s not false hope to put our trust in He who has promised to never leave us or forsake us.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally believe that we will soon see great victories politically. However, even if the political victories never come, we are promised spiritual victory through Christ, and it’s Him that my hope is found.

In a society where the lies of the enemy flourish, I choose to stand firm on the foundation of TRUTH. Join me in viewing the war today from a position of victory…God has WON!

Christians in America have been blessed to live in a society where most have never been seriously persecuted or had to die for their faith.

Christians in America have been blessed to live in a society where most have never been seriously persecuted or had to die for their faith.

Unfortunately, this has created an apathetic, watered down version of Christianity where many also choose not to live for their faith.

Many who claim to follow Jesus today have elevated a fake, “social justice” gospel above the true Gospel of Christ and sacrificed Biblical truth on the altar of political correctness.

Jesus said, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me” (Luke 9:23). At the time the disciples heard these words, a cross wasn’t an ornament to wear…it was a cruel instrument of torture and death. No one who went to the cross came back alive (until Jesus!) The invitation was clear: Die to your own wants and desires and follow Christ.

I had a friend who used to say, “When Jesus enters your heart, He doesn’t want weekend visitation…He wants full custody.”

Living for Christ won’t always be easy, but He never promised us comfort. He did, however, promise to never leave us or forsake us. I’d rather face the temporary storms of this life with God than enjoy the fleeting pleasures of this life without Him.

The pursuit and proclaimation of truth is worth it all. What could we all accomplish today in God’s strength if we denied ourselves, picked up the cross, and put Him first in everything?

Standing up for what’s right is never easy, but we need bold men and women today who will stand on the truth without apology.

We must stand until our feet are calloused, our muscles are tired, and our legs give way.

And in that moment when our legs give way, we must lean against each other and continue to stand.

It’s important to rest and recharge when we’re tired from fighting, but we can never become tired of fighting. The stakes are too high.

Stay focused and remember while the battles can be exhausting, we fight from a position of victory because God has already won the war.