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Doing What Our Fore Founders Did.

Doing What Our Fore Founders Did.

Yes, and all who consider themselves Patriots need to find their courage deep down and do what is right like our forefathers did before us. Except this time, the foundation has already been laid out for us by our founding fathers. All we need to do is correct our status to get back our lawful standing. Unfortunately, it’s moving slow because too many people think they are being duped yet again. The truth is too hard to bare or to even comprehend. So, until the rest of my brothers and sisters come to the same conclusion we will live in this tyranny and suffer.

If we’ve been doing things this way since we have been born and nothing is changing no matter how hard we try, one must come to the conclusion that something is wrong. It’s not just the bad guys because if we had a lawful court system, those bad guys would have already been locked up never to have the authority to hold a political office again. But no, that’s not what’s happening. The criminals are left unchecked and getting away with their crimes. We are getting nowhere because we are wards of the state who have been trafficked from our land and soil jurisdiction to the jurisdiction of the sea. Since we are in their jurisdiction, they own us! I’m not sure what more I can say to get you guys to understand this.

The only way out of this is to come back home to the land and soil friends, and let’s finally put this tyranny behind us and work our lawful government. There is much work to be done, and we need you to do it! Stop wasting your time spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, correct your status and put that energy to productive use!




just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton’s emails, McCain’s being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter, PedoPodesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO pandemic. Happy Digging! Here you go, please read and pass it on…..…

These are Clinton’s emails:

Index file!

Send to everyone you can as fast as you can!

Former UN Advisor Puts W.H.O. On Notice Against The Global Pandemic Treaty

Former UN Advisor Puts W.H.O. On Notice Against the Global Pandemic Treaty

A former UN advisor has created a sovereign decentralized healthcare system that’s challenging the World Health Organization’s infringement over the privacy rights of its members.

In a letter ( to WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreysesus, former UN World Food Programme Senior Advisor Govinda Tidball proclaims members of his independent Ministry of Health group reject pandemic measures undertaken by the 75th Annual World Health Assembly, gathering in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 22nd-28th.

Once you’ve gotten the jab, you don’t even own your body, it is no longer “of nature” and can be placed under a patent by the drug company that now owns you.

Once You’ve Gotten the Jab, You Don’t Even Own Your Body, It Is No Longer “Of Nature” and Can Be Placed Under a Patent by the Drug Company That Now Owns You.

So said the U.S. Supreme Court.

Once you’ve had the jab, they can manipulate your body on a cellular level. And they have a patent on the process to do so.

💥 🤯 💥 They now have ultimate ownership and control over you.

As far as they are concerned, you are no longer of nature and therefore can not claim nature’s law nor God’s law and the rights given to us by our creator.

There is hope !

Correct your status and claim what is yours under God’s LAW and our founding documents.

There is medical hope to repair the damage caused by the jab.

Take the booster?

One you quit your federal job and go into the private sector, then it makes sense to perform the Revocation of Election.

One you quit your federal job and go into the private sector, then it makes sense to perform the Revocation of Election.

All income from a federal job or a federal scheme like investing in T-bills, etc. is considered taxable income.
One you quit your federal job and go into the private sector, then it makes sense to perform the Revocation of Election.

Thanks for connecting with us. Tell all your friends that work in the private sector about our website,
(1) American National subgroup who make the choice to work for the National Government
Those American Nationals who make this choice for their career path in government service are leaving the protections afforded by the Constitution and entering the world of the District of Columbia. Working for the National Government is a privilege and again, privileges are taxable. This is their free-will choice.

They have willfully and knowingly made the voluntary choice or ‘election’ to have their income taxed like that of a U.S. Resident Alien. They now are classified by the National Government as lawful U.S. Taxpayers! They become the Property of the National Government for as long as they are so employed and will remain so until they make the choice to terminate the election they made when they became a federal worker, federal employee, or elected official of the National Government.

26 CFR §1.871-1(a) stipulates that “Nonresident Alien Individuals [American Nationals] are taxable only on certain income from sources within the United States [the District of Columbia] and on income from sources without the United States [the District of Columbia] which is effectively connected for the taxable year with the conduct of a trade or business [the performance of the functions of a public office per 26 USC §7701(a)(26)] in the United States [the District of Columbia].”

This regulation supports the declaration by former POTUS Taft in the Legislative Intent of the 16th Amendment which ONLY LEVIED the Federal Income Tax upon the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT.

By choosing to work for the National Government, those Nonresident Alien Individuals [American Nationals] in effect made an ‘election’ via 26 USC §6013(g) or (h) to have their income taxed. This was their voluntary choice.

You tell me what this means .
Read page 3 real careful like. Then go read the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence……

Bill Gives ‘Health Officers’ Power to Arrest You

Bill Gives ‘Health Officers’ Power to Arrest You

BackgroundIn January of 2022, the Biden administration proposed amendments to the WHO’s International Health Regulations that surrender U.S. sovereignty during pandemics or public health emergencies to the WHO.Here are some of Biden’s changes:▪The World Health Organization would be able to unilaterally declare a pandemic or public health emergency in a member state.▪The WHO is not required to provide the source or cause of the health emergency.▪The target state (nation) receives an offer of collaboration and has 24 hours to request additional information.▪If the target states does not answer within 48 hours, the offer of collaboration shall be considered “rejected.”▪At that point the WHO collaborates with other agencies including the United Nations, International Labor Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency, International Civil Aviation Organization and others to prepare a course of action.Since the US has already joined the International Health Regulations, no U.S. Senate vote is needed to accept the amendments. Once approved this will become international law.The World Health Organization’s actions would supersede our U.S. Constitution.The important point to remember is the Biden Administration is fully behind these changes which were written by his Assistant Secretary of HHS, Loyce Pace.
ACTION TO TAKE:The final meeting for the International Health Regulation amendment approvals is May 22 – 28 of 2022. We have short time to act, but we can make a difference.Spread the word about what is happening – SHARE LINK TO THIS ALERT: calls, Text messages, Emails, Social media posts. Share this message with everyone you know. Copy and paste above links.Here is the I H S AGENDA. Scroll down to May 24, 2nd column.The issues of concern appear in Agenda Items 16. through 16.4. This is where they will present the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and we believe how they will implement the amendments.

These are the email addresses to send your WHO letters to

You can send it today to the UN via web contact form and to the ICJ via emails here