About Us

As America becomes more corrupt, and what our founding father fought for dies, it seems like there are only two sides fight for what’s left: The Democrats who are rooting for the magots, and the Rinos who are rooting for the corps. But out of Sussex County a small group emerges, trying to do what’s right and make our community a better place. With an aim at building a community and spreading awareness about what’s going on. This group is known as Sussex County Patriots.

We understand that “America” isn’t some piece of land mass or defined by some piece of paper, but rather the people and community they foster. Everyone always focusses on problems happening at these massive levels, we forget to see the solutions and opportunities at home. In Sussex County, we realize this, that’s why we started Sussex County Patriots. We realize the only true solution to the problems, we are facing, is coming together and bettering our own home. Whether it’s having a protest, supporting a candidate, or sharing knowledge Sussex County Patriots is here to support our community.