Bill Gives ‘Health Officers’ Power to Arrest You

BackgroundIn January of 2022, the Biden administration proposed amendments to the WHO’s International Health Regulations that surrender U.S. sovereignty during pandemics or public health emergencies to the WHO.Here are some of Biden’s changes:▪The World Health Organization would be able to unilaterally declare a pandemic or public health emergency in a member state.▪The WHO is not required to provide the source or cause of the health emergency.▪The target state (nation) receives an offer of collaboration and has 24 hours to request additional information.▪If the target states does not answer within 48 hours, the offer of collaboration shall be considered “rejected.”▪At that point the WHO collaborates with other agencies including the United Nations, International Labor Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency, International Civil Aviation Organization and others to prepare a course of action.Since the US has already joined the International Health Regulations, no U.S. Senate vote is needed to accept the amendments. Once approved this will become international law.The World Health Organization’s actions would supersede our U.S. Constitution.The important point to remember is the Biden Administration is fully behind these changes which were written by his Assistant Secretary of HHS, Loyce Pace.
ACTION TO TAKE:The final meeting for the International Health Regulation amendment approvals is May 22 – 28 of 2022. We have short time to act, but we can make a difference.Spread the word about what is happening – SHARE LINK TO THIS ALERT: calls, Text messages, Emails, Social media posts. Share this message with everyone you know. Copy and paste above links.Here is the I H S AGENDA. Scroll down to May 24, 2nd column.The issues of concern appear in Agenda Items 16. through 16.4. This is where they will present the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and we believe how they will implement the amendments.

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