We Live in a Culture That Glorifies Sin and Scoffs at the Truth.

While it’s nothing new, we can clearly see today what happens when the truth of God is removed from society: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (see Romans 1).

  • Many are indifferent to the horrors of child sex trafficking yet are outraged if you use pronouns they don’t “identify” with.
  • Many believe masks and injections should be forced on everyone with no choice, yet slaughtering children on the altar of convenience is their “right to choose.”
  • Many believe they are “following the science” when it comes to COVID, election fraud, climate change, and social issues, yet fail to discern they are being lied to by propagandists. True science allows for questions; propaganda does not.

In a culture where everything is upside down, what can we do? Keep proclaiming the TRUTH and let God set things right again. Romans 1:25 says they “changed the truth of God into a lie.” May we always cling to the truth of God and never compromise what is right in the eyes of God for what is expected in the eyes of society.

The truth will shatter every lie; long after every lie is revealed, every account is given, and every crime is punished, the TRUTH will still stand.

It can be exhausting seeing those who choose to live their lives in lies, but we can’t change their hearts and minds…only God can. It’s easy to get frustrated when we don’t see the desired change around us at the rate we want, but it’s the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is, can, and will make the difference.

The culture may want to engage in war over the future, but our victory is already secure in Christ. Stand tall, friends!