The MSM is continuing to attack on all fronts.

“mOsT pEoPlE wAnT mAsK mAnDaTeS.”

“tHe eLeCtIoN bEiNg sToLeN iS a CoNsPiRaCy tHeOrY.”

“aLl tHe sHoOtInGs mEaN wE nEeD gUn cOnTrOl.”

“i UsEd tO bE aNtI-vAx bUt nOw I rEaLiZe hOw duMb i WaS.”

They are so desperate to spread lies because they know it will all be destroyed by the TRUTH.

It can be discouraging when we see the enemy constantly shout their lies, but as General Chesty Puller reportedly once said, “We’re surrounded. That simplifies the problem.”

The fact their lies are constantly in the public’s eye means we can constantly call it out. Keep speaking the truth boldly!