NPR Addiction to Conspiracy Theories

I was surfing through the radio stations while driving home this evening. I heard the words “conspiracy theory” mentioned, so I paused to listen for a moment.

I then realized my dial was stopped on NPR. I knew it would nauseate me, but I listened for a few minutes anyway to see what they were saying.

Someone was telling an emotional story about a lady who either died or almost died of COVID (I couldn’t bring myself to listen long enough to see) because she was sadly “addicted to false conspiracy theories.”

They talked about how this poor woman was always depressed and anxious her whole life. Because she “lived her whole life in fear,” she was naturally drawn to conspiracies and fake news. Her family was devastated because they didn’t know how to help her.

An “expert” who ran a non-profit to help families “struggling with a loved one who had gone off the deep end into conspiracy theories” explained that, “People who are naturally fearful and suffer from anxiety will often times gravitate towards conspiracy theories because they feel like they can control the story.”

Unsure if I should laugh or cry at this point, I turned the radio off and started to think about the overabundance of propaganda that is all around us.

They say we are the ones who are fearful? We, who never bought into the fear mongering, are being called fearful by those who are STILL driving around in their cars by themselves with a mask on? The ones who are desperate to control the lies are saying we are desperate to control the narrative?

Projection is all they have. I have to believe they are working so hard to perpetuate their lies because they realize their narrative is unraveling. They can try as hard as they want, but I’ve read the end of the book. God wins.

So what should we do as the lies keep coming?

We continue to share the truth.

We continue to cling to Jesus.

We continue to stand against evil.

We continue to fight for what’s right.

The propaganda can be overwhelming, but the war has already been won!