Disinform the Snake Venom Theory.

Dr. Herve Seligmann, evolutionary biologist and researcher tested Dr. Ardis’ venom theory. He writes
“I could not find any meaningful similarity between the linear sequence of spike protein and any snake toxin. If a similarity exists, it would be at the 3 dimensional level, but that would indicate a functional, not an evolutionary similarity. In other words, spike and the putative snake toxin might have similar effects due to their similar 3d structure, but no common origin. As said above, as it stands, there was no similarity btw spike and any snake toxin using the standard tools at my disposition.”


Dr. Richard Flemming’s opinion is
that Dr. Ardis’ conclusions are incorrect.


I will keep digging deeper but in reality this issue is NOT important.

We already know that Covid-19, remdesivir, and covid vaccines are man-made weapons of murder and genocide.

They have been made by the oldest world order of pagans, and child sacrificing idol worshipers with the purpose of population reduction, enslavement, and gene editing human beings.

Our focus must be to spread the true narrative of God consciousness.

A little light disperses much darkness.