Tell your Lawmakers to Support HB2617!

We want clean and current voter rolls

The first step in ensuring election integrity is maintaining clean and current voter rolls. This requires, on the front end, causing only qualified electors to be registered and placed on the rolls. Then it requires regular maintenance to ensure individuals on the rolls have not become unqualified – whether due to death, residency, felony conviction, or for other reasons. 

Current law has very few requirements for counties to proactively check the qualifications of electors on the voter rolls. HB2617 would require counties and the Secretary of State to do monthly checks of multiple databases, including the Motor Vehicles Division, Social Security Administration, Vital Events, the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE), among others. Each of these databases will help identify when an individual has moved, passed away, or is not a US citizen. 

HB2617 would also require counties to cancel a registration when they have obtained and confirmed information pertaining to an individual’s ineligibility. This includes when an individual obtains a driver license in another state and when an individual fills out a juror questionnaire on which they affirm they are not qualified because they are not a resident of the county or not a US citizen. 

HB2617 is a comprehensive voter roll maintenance bill, ensuring clean and current voter rolls so that only qualified electors are voting in our elections.