Operation Dark Winter

Im wondering if anyone has heard of Operation Dark Winter? It is a military/government program that uses biochemical warfare on its subjects. I am going to quote an exerpt from the Hearing that took place back in October 25, 2001 from the subcommittee on Armed Services from the United States Senate and I’m also going to try and post the link. This exerpt is taken from page 4 of this document:

” We proceed this open session with a very brief presentation called Dark Winter. It was, indeed, riveting and instructive, and very timely. I would like to give the well-orchestrated Dark Winter exercise a bit more context. There is a perception in this country that the biological attack that we are currently under is unprecedented, unpredicted, and unparalleled. While these attacks represent a new kind of war for America, they have precedence throughout human history.

The great Chinese strategist Sun Tzu is well-known to many members of this committee, an no doubt to our witnesses. One of his famous dictums on strategy is: “The supreme act of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. This proverb on it to advocate for more robust diplomatic initiatives. Other experts have cited it to discuss the imporatnce of planning and simulation. However, its real context brings us to the heart of what Dark Winter is all about. Sun Tzu was suggesting to Chinese generals in 340 B.C. that they poison the wells of their enemies. In doing so, they would weaken their opponents’ capability and, more importantly, their will to fight before a sword had even been raised.”

The last, bold text is what I want to point your attention to because I believe that they are dropping those chemicals in the skies, not to control the weather, but to poison us so we are sick, tired, and fatigued and therefore unable to fight back should we be faced with an attack.

When Biden got into office he had been quoted in a television interview that this is going to be a “Dark Winter” I’ll let you all make your own conclusions to that.