What the Far-Left is Giving to America

By Joseph Labarbera
Vice Chairman, Communications; Sussex Co NJ GOP
President, Skylands Tea Party

This work is part of a weekly series: “America Reborn.”

The family as subordinate to the state; Christianity forbidden and ridiculed; the father figure as a dark pathology; normalizing sexual perversion; hatred of America and re invention of its history as an evil monstrosity; opportunity lost, tribalism in; property ownership dissolved through over – taxation and rising costs; mob violence terrorizing people into submission; false accusations as the mode for justice; a costly legal process outside the reach of the middle class; America losing power and influence and subsequently currency evaluation; economic and social exclusion for all who don’t comply with the demands of the media mob; drug culture and addiction as normalcy. This is
what we are offered by the far left.

The term “left” politically stems from the side of parliament the non-royalist faction sat in in Paris. Today, the left is the side of Karl Marx, a malignant, angry and irresponsible man who was a parasite on his friends and family, allowed his own family to go into poverty, ill health and early deaths of his children, and utterly hated Christianity, Judaism and the nation-state.4 These aren’t just opinions; these are things he wrote and did. Read his works and any history about him. Marx is loved by the left- he is the left. His beliefs, words and actions are basically verbatim quoted by modern leftists today.

Unscrupulous people are perpetuating a great lie to America. Their high priests are the former Howard Zinn as their prophet and Barack Obama as the sweet-talking spokesman for extreme leftist action. They mis-portray their vicious desire for violence and chaos through false notions of empathy for those not deserving of it. They make heroic the villain and make evil the
hero.7 They stand on the idea that America, as an extension of western civilization is evil and corrupt and they are the cleansing agent. What generates is the baby boomer generation-wealthier than any in history, and the generation to stay longest in the workplace, holds on to vast amounts of wealth and power that in other eras would have been passed down at this point. This generation is the most left leaning actually (not the youth of today) and are using their roles in politics, on boards of directors and in media to exert the social change they failed to do as youths in the 60s, when Howard Zinn’s lies and Soviet propaganda shaped them. Their hard-core WWII generation parents represent a nonexistent authority they continuously rebel against, as their minds play over and over the footage of police riot dogs on civil rights protestors in the 1960s south. We, the following generations; X, millennial and Z are suffering from the baby boomer narcissism. This generation, now in their 80s, are perpetuating the lies that feed our division, only because these lies feed their own egos… Never forget, this is the group that spit on their peers returning from fighting in Vietnam.

The left, through the media offers us division and chaos in an attempt to cajole, ridicule and brainwash America into believing that we are all sinful and culpable and underserving of our freedoms and success, albeit future successes as well. According them, we in the middle class must now undo ourselves as punishment. The media, as proxies for the baby boomer wealth holders, disregards resulting low ratings and poor sponsorship because the investment money pours in; pours in from firms that hold the baby boomers’ wealth, because the baby boomers financially support the cause of leftism. As this generation passes, reality will set in for those who remain. Human survival
instincts are too strong to commit cultural and economic suicide by the political left. However, we will be burdened with the chaos and disorder that this era is bringing. The time now isn’t to lament what the baby boomers have done, or run from their wreckage, but instead, prepare to take back our
communities when they finally pass, which will be soon.

The baby boomer left will leave huge amounts of wealth behind and scores of vacated positions. They have chosen, as some of their heirs, a few very incompetent and divisive people who are like their pets; AOC and the “squad;” the Don Lemons’ and Andrew Cuomo’s of the media, the Hunter Biden types, the annoyingly destructive terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM. The
baby boomers are passing and for the most part, haven’t chosen anyone really capable to replace them. Most people in influential positions have been cajoled and are afraid to challenge or take divisive action because of “Cancel Culture.” The left’s “Cancel Culture” has terrorized all those in any official position into compliance. Therefore, those who are truly capable of defeating them are now sheltered in the shade, waiting for the time to strike back.

The baby boomer left has left us not an ideological war, as this is this is their own exercise in the narcissism that comes from being raised by such a hardened generation as those who survived the depression and won the Second World War, but rather a war for resources. Those ideologues
they installed lack teeth. The institutions have been eroded by cancel culture and those quislings left to run them not able to defend or take action in crisis. What the far left has left America is a future battle for power. This battle won’t be ideological, as when the baby boomers pass, America will grow tired of this made-up nonsense the left spews. The future will be a division of the spoils, with the far-left agitators marginalized or criminalized. What we must do in the meantime is prepare.

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