Murphy Administration to Ban Unvaccinated Students from School Activities, Require Student Testing

Folks, the science doesn’t make sense. According to a new COVID-19 guidance sheet dropped by the New Jersey Department of Health on New Year’s Eve, the Phil Murphy administration is calling for a ban of unvaccinated school children from extracurricular activities.

You can read the full Department of Health guidance document here.

The New Jersey Department of Health is citing ‘very high’ levels of COVID-19 transmission and in response is recommended that unvaccinated children be barred from participating in extracurricular activities with fellow students, even after spending the entire day with those other students.

At this point, no evidence suggests that the COVID-19 vaccinations or boosters are stopping the spread of the new omicron variant of the virus. Vaccinated, boosted and unvaccinated alike are now becoming infected and spreading the latest variant of the virus.

The decision was among the first made by the Murphy administration since the governor returned from his Central American family vacation on Thursday.