Sample Letters: END EO POWERS

The kids have been suffering for 2 years because the legislature supports Murphy’s Mandates with bill, A5820/S3866 which is about to expire January 11th, 2022. This bill stopped the pandemic for New Jersey but put the burden of the pandemic on the kids by forcing mask mandates, quarantine rules and closures on the schools. We need you to help us in our massive email/letter campaign to end these mandates. Please read to the end of this newsletter where you will find all the e-mail addresses for the NJ Senate and Assembly. Please encourage others to write letters and share these examples.

This excerpt form A5820 limits the power:

Notwithstanding subsection a. of this section, the Governor shall notify the Legislature by January 1, 2022 if the Governor determines that it is necessary or appropriate to continue for an additional 90 days beyond January 11, 2022 any administrative order, directive, or waiver issued by the head of a State agency that relied on the existence of the public health emergency declared by the Governor in Executive Order No. 103 of 2020, as extended. The administrative orders, directives, or waivers shall be extended for an additional 90 days if each House of the Legislature passes a concurrent resolution to continue any such administrative order, directive, or waiver. Any administrative order, directive, or waiver as to which the Governor does not provide notification to the Legislature or as to which both Houses of the Legislature do not pass a concurrent resolution to continue shall expire on January 11, 2022.


Probably why Murphy is coming back from Costa Rica, December 31 st, to extend his Mandates to April and screw our kids over. Below is my personal letter to our NJ representatives. I also included personal information about my children that I decided not to share publicly. I urge you to share the personal details about how your child is suffering under Murphy’s rules.

Dear Honorable Senator and Assembly,

 I am writing to you to urge you to not renew, A5820/S3866 so we can end the pandemic rules against our children. Children have been disproportionally affected by the harsh Mandates from Governor Murphy.  These 21 months of mandates have put a hardship on our children that has caused a delay in learning, development, speech, and statewide depression and anxiety in New Jersey youth.

Telling children that their breath can kill their friends and teachers is not only a lie, but a tremendous burden on the minds of our children, when the actual truth is that children have a near zero risk of death from COVID-19 and all adults have had time to become fully vaccinated.

These pandemic measures are putting our children at an increased risk of suicide attempts according to the US Surgeon General from the rising mental health epidemic plaguing our youth.  According to NJSHAD, 4 children under 17 have COVID listed on their death certificate as the primary cause of death, from the beginning of the pandemic to this date. The state counts primary and secondary causes of death, which increases this number to 8. According to NJSHAD, from January 2020 to Mid December, 34 children died from homicide and 39 died from suicide as the primary cause of death.  Meanwhile, New Jersey is experiencing an influx of Omicron cases which are not killing our children.

Our children can no longer continue to bear the burden of these harmful mandates that force them to have remote school, masks and quarantine while they are healthy.  It’s affecting their learning and their mental health.  I urge you to please end A5820/S3866 so that our children can return to a stress free childhood.


Here is another sample letter written by another member of our news letter:

We urge you to vote NO to renewing Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders that are expiring on January 11th. As we are now 21 months into the global pandemic, it has become clear that mandates are not the answer. COVID-19 is not an eradicable virus, and the wave of the “Omicron” variant means the virus is doing exactly as others in history have done – mutated to be more contagious but far less dangerous. Ultimately it is becoming another variation of the common cold. I appeal to you loudly today on behalf of all New Jersey children as young as 2 years old, whose voices continue to be muffled due to government overreach and illogical mask mandates that continue without data to support them. There are only 16 states that have mandated masks on children and there have been no statistically significant difference in spread amongst the children. Our children have suffered for 21 months due to the Governor’s executive powers. The mental health crisis in children has been accelerated by mandated mask wearing in public schools, quarantining healthy children, social distancing, disruption of traditions and normal events, and virtual learning which outweigh the impact of the COVID19 virus in children. It is far beyond time to stop using our children as sacrificial lambs to assuage adult fears.

In June 2021, Governor Murphy declared the end of the public health emergency in New Jersey, yet requested to keep his Executive Orders with essentially no input or oversight from the legislature. The people of our state clearly articulated opposition to A5820/S3866. Our objections were many, but most concerning was the granting of overreaching executive branch authority. Attempts to reallocate local decision making to the state is wholly unacceptable. We support the people’s rights to choose and make their own health decisions. We do not need mandated COVID-19 vaccines, especially when you can still catch and spread the virus when vaccinated (and boosted), nor mandated testing, there should be no mask mandates, especially on children, and we do not need government overreach. We need to preserve our freedom to make the best choices of our health, ourselves, and our families. We have elected you to serve the constituents of our great state of New Jersey. We implore you to do your job and represent our best interests and do not further extend the Governor’s executive powers. You serve a critically important role as a distinguished member of the legislative branch and should continue to have the honor of serving as a separate branch of government.

Please keep your powers that have been given to you by the people to serve the citizens of the state, and do not extend any of Governor Murphy’s executive powers.

Thank you,

Forward this newsletter to your friends, family and neighbors, ask them to also write The NJ Assembly and NJ Senate and even Phil Murphy. Get your kids to write one too!!! Dylan’s mom gave us permission to give your child a sample letter for your kids:

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If you want to write snail mail, get your legislature’s address HERE. If you want to send it to everyone by email, here is the list.

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