Operation Lockstep: A Rockefeller Document From 2010

The Rair Foundation posted a video of a speech by the Dutch MP, Thierry Baudet, who refers to a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Report that is eerily like what the world has just experienced. This was first conceived of in 2010 The first incarnation of this plan actually began in the early ’90s at the earth summit – when Agenda 21 was unveiled. From there, they moved on to Agenda 2030 – which is talked about a lot these days – even mentioned by prominent leaders such as Tradaue or within the documents for the green new deal. 2030 is merely one of the target years. However, the end result of their plan doesn’t occur until the year 2049 – when nearly all of the steps have been completed, and the transition is finished. Hence the entire plan – Agenda 2050. By 2050 we are truly within a technocratic dystopia & with goals that are far off – small changes occur year to year, and by the time people realize what’s happening – it’s too late. We don’t want this future… We have a choice, mindless subservience, or standing for truth and on principle. If you like the content, like, comment, and subscribe. jonthomas@heliowaveproductions.com http://www.heliowaveproductions.com http://www.subscribestar.com/heliowave