Horowitz: Dr. McCullough testifies in court that CMS data potentially signal much higher vaccine death toll

The gist of the lawsuit: 661 people on Medicaid died within 28 days of taking the shots in the state of Maine. Nobody seems interested in investigating how many were due to the shot. Or how many people not on Medicaid died from the shot. Mandates to take the shot ignore the risks and actual deaths and side effects from it.
Dr. Peter McCullough, perhaps the most high-profile epidemiologist to raise concerns about the side effects of these shots, testified last Friday in a lawsuit brought by the Alliance Against Healthcare Mandates against the state’s requirement that all health care workers receive one of the COVID shots. During his testimony, McCullough revealed that 661 people just among the Medicare beneficiaries in Maine died within 28 days of taking the shot. That is primarily among people 65 and older and doesn’t account for any potential vaccine-related deaths among non-Medicare recipients.

The high number, coupled with the circumstances and types of injuries, is very concerning, according to McCullough.

“In this table, 661 Maine CMS [Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services] recipients have died within 28 days of receiving the vaccine,” said McCullough, during the Friday hearing before a Maine judge.

According to McCullough, these deaths and ailments are among “patients who did not have any of these serious conditions prior to the onset of the vaccine program who developed or died within 28 days of receiving a [COVID] vaccine.” The data was quarried to rule out anyone who had a record of any of these ailments since Jan. 1, 2020. Thus, these are not people who were sick with some of the blood disorders listed in the table. It doesn’t mean that all of them died of the vaccine, but it sure is suspicious.
As McCullough noted, “Twenty-eight days within the administration of any investigational drug or product is within a regulatory window of concern” and is therefore “of interest” to regulators.