2016 Interview with Ruth Bader Ginsberg About “Stupid and Arrogant” People

Katie Couric is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Dan Rather, Brian Williams, and Katie Couric will forever be known as some of the worst liars at CBS and NBC, two of the three major news networks where most Americans used to go to get their news.

Katie Couric, who still faces a $12 million defamation lawsuit stemming from a deceptive edit in a film she produced, decried the effect of fake news on America during an interview on Thursday.

WFB – Couric told the New York Daily News she believes fake news is “tearing [America] apart at the seams” while discussing her latest effort cohosting music and political event in New York City. “I remember I got sent a lot of stories from friends who were quite educated and were like, ‘Did you see this?’” Couric said. “And I would say, ‘Come on, you’re kidding, right? This is BS.’”


She did not mention the controversy surrounding a deceptive edit included in her 2016 film Under the Gun. During one scene in the movie, Couric is shown asking a group of gun rights activists from the Virginia Citizens Defense League a question about background checks. The group is then shown sitting in silence for nine seconds with nobody offering a response to the question. –