UNITED WE STAND Freedom Rally.

Please join us as we gather peacefully for the UNITED WE STAND Freedom Rally.

When: Monday December 20, 2021
Where: State House Annex – 145 W. State Street, Trenton, New Jersey
Time: 11AM – 1PM

New Jersey freedom groups are coming together to collaborate and host the UNITED WE STAND Freedom Rally in Trenton, New Jersey in defense of the fundamental human rights of all NJ citizens.

After nearly two years of enduring oppressive and ineffective measures that have been put in place, largely in the absence of any legislative process, citizens and legislators alike are called to stand together in upholding the values on which this country was built.

Constituents are invited to bring their signs and voices between 11am and 1pm to gather peacefully in front of the State House Annex at 145 W. State Street in Trenton to remind our representatives of the Constitution they were elected to uphold and to honor the legislators who have been standing with the people they represent. This will be a peaceful demonstration and ALL of the organizing groups condemn ALL forms of violence. All participants are asked to treat security and law enforcement with respect as we let our signs, voices and our principles represent us.

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Please ensure you arrive on time for 11AM and plan to depart no later than 1PM.

All signage must be handheld. Signage props (such as sticks or poles) are prohibited.

In an “unprecedented overreach by a state agency”, the New Jersey Joint Management Commission has implemented a resolution requiring all individuals entering the State House or Annex to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours. On Thursday, December 9, a number of Republican Assembly members defied these unjust orders by refusing to “show their papers” prior to entering the Assembly chambers for a voting session. A number of Republicans from both the Assembly and the Senate have filed a lawsuit to block the new policy.