Why We See So Many Narcissists in Society Today

For millennia, much of the truth that pertains to grasping the common reality of our world has been purposely hidden. This is why in most esoteric circles, this knowledge has been termed occult, which literally means ‘hidden.’

Unfortunately, when most people hear the world occult, they think of darkness or evil. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The occult knowledge is an aggregate of learnings going back to our ancient past. Its purpose has been to show people ways to liberate their soul. To accomplish this, a seeker needs to first clear their perception that’s been occluded by falsity and lies.

Such practices and knowledge has as its aim coming face-to-face with truth. Not some subjective, relative form of ‘truth,’ but real, unadulterated, objective Truth.

Those who after decades of disciplined training had gained the ability to penetrate the clouds of spiritual mystery, access higher mind states and wield control over the influences of the physical and emotional domains were deemed immensely powerful.

It should be of no surprise that such people often became key influencers on the stage of world events. With the gears of time turning, the access to these mystery traditions began to fall into the hands of power hungry people whose aim was to control and subjugate humanity according to their egoic will.

In order to have their way, they needed to hide this knowledge, which originally belonged to all. It was too dangerous for too many people to possess keys to self-liberation, as it made them much harder, if not impossible, to control.

The ruthless rulers of our ancient world accomplished this hiding not so much by literally locking this knowledge up inside some mountainous grotto, as that would’ve put all the keys inside one box.

Instead, they split it into pieces and scattered it all over the world. What ensued were a plethora of spiritual and cultural traditions, all of which had some of the keys within them, but never all.

The traditions were able to take people only so far, leaving out the most critical components of Truth.

Those hidden components can be boiled down to the following three statements: 1) all beings are innately free, 2) all beings possess equal God-given rights that no one has the right to take away, and 3) every person is fully capable of communing with the divine, without the need for an intermediary.

Over time, as more people were accessing keys to this truth through a variety of modalities and sources and sharing it with posterity, the knowledge required new form of hiding.

The next stage of obfuscation had to be more tricky and sophisticated, since so much knowledge had already leaked out. What was decided was to concoct false information and blend it with truth in order to muddy the waters. This way the average person would not be able to easily tell truth from fiction, even if they found the keys. This happened millennia ago in the post Atlantian age. And again after the fall of Egypt, Greece and Rome. And again with the rise of Christianity. And yet once more with the advent of the New Age movement. New generation, same old strategy.

Controlled Opposition

In many ways, the New Age movement is not really new. It is the result of an old tried and true tactic meant to control the opposition.

When enough people get fed up with the old, rigid systems that for too long have kept their minds in chains, they become a force to be reckoned with. When the New Age movement rose to prominence in the 60s and 70s, the controllers of the world responded to the challenge.

Gathering in secretive think-tanks, they formulated a strategy of how to funnel a movement of eager minds down a blind alley and away from the truth and independence that it originally had sought. This is how the New Age movement had become yet another old world religion.

At its root, religion operates on the basis of a belief. Belief, it is said, runs on faith. But faith is merely a receptive state that precedes the test of time and rational scrutiny from multiple perspectives before an idea becomes accepted as truth.

With the introduction of a belief the process gets hijacked before it has a chance to reach its logical conclusion. What results is cloudy acceptance of something that could or could not be true. No questioning allowed!

While the New Age movement offered useful tools that lead towards the exploration of consciousness and promised universal tolerance to accommodate as many faiths as there are to foster spiritual unity, its potential got cut short with the injection of blind beliefs, the erosion of critical thinking and annihilation of resistance.

Key concepts, such as the law of polarity, got skewed with the introduction (and acceptance!) of the atrocious belief that good needs evil to balance it out. Lured by the promise of attaining limitless riches without the need to ever interrupt their meditation marathon, people swallowed up false notions of manifestation.

In short, the movement turned many eager seekers of truth into pacified, passive children waiting for mommy and daddy to fall from the sky and deliver the goods without them needing to go too far beyond attending workshops and yoga classes.

Instead of using this knowledge to arm themselves with the stamina and tools needed to face and fight oppression, they learned to live with it by fighting their own resistance to it.

This is how we got to the place where so many people who hate their jobs and suffer at the hands of narcissistic bosses and sociopathic systems use yoga to be able to face yet another day in prison instead of planning an exit strategy.

While we count our breaths and wait for Satori to strike, our richer and more powerful than ever leaders have gotten few more future generations into a debt they will never be able to pay off, started half a dozen wars based on lies and polluted the hell out of our planet.

Hopefully you are beginning to see the big picture now: the New Age movement got coopted and skewed to serve as a distraction. It makes people look the other way and blame past karma and soul contracts for injustices and unnecessary suffering raging on the planet.

By yet again withholding the keys of occult knowledge that could set us all free by exposing the lies, they got us back to where we started.

Instead of becoming our own saviors, we are still waiting for one to arrive. This is the same thing the narcissist does to us by putting us in the trance called ‘future faking.’

To go deeper into my discussion outlining five most common deceptions of the New Age movement, I invite you to view the video below: