Is There a Connection Between Child Trafficking and Child Protective Services

Was a recently-murdered former Arkansas Senator preparing to expose child trafficking in Arkansas government?

Arkansans may be surprised to know that our state has been rated as one of the worst states in the nation regarding the protection of our vulnerable children… and Arkansas laws are lax concerning human trafficking.

By now, most of you have probably been made aware of the tragic murder of former Arkansas Senator Linda Collins-Smith and the court order to seal all documents related to the investigation that immediately followed. The order was issued by Judge Harold Erwin, and it sure appears like authorities want information about the case hidden from the public… however, no suspects have been identified. Collins-Smith was passionate about child welfare reform and ending human trafficking, and we commend her for her courageous stance. Secure Arkansas is deeply saddened to hear about her death. Our condolences go out to the family.

Former Senator Linda Collins-Smith was the primary sponsor of HB1923, which became Act 922 in April 2017. The bill was drafted specifically to help make people aware of human trafficking, and it required persons applying for a Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) to complete a Human Trafficking Prevention Course prior to the issuance or renewal of a CDL license.

That same year, Linda Collins-Smith also proposed a good ethics reform bill: she thought it was wrong for attorneys to represent clients before the General Assembly. Needless to say, the legislature did not pass her bill, AND our governor had a Republican opponent run against her in the primary. Doesn’t this appear vindictive? In the end, she lost her race.

We are posing some important questions: Was Linda Collins-Smith getting ready to expose child trafficking in Arkansas government? Did she have information that could incriminate a specific person or organization? Could one of those organizations be Child Protective Services, and who was involved? If so, what was she preparing to do with the information?

Remember, Collins-Smith’s ex-husband is former Judge Philip Smith, who waslegally reprimanded by the Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission and agreed to a voluntary resignation from the bench.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions…

Could there possibly be a connection between the recent suspicious deaths of three former state senators? Possibly…

According to FOX News, TWO former state senators were fatally shot at their homesthis month, June 2019: the aforementioned Linda Collins-Smith from Pochontas, Arkansas and Jonathan Nichols from Norman, Oklahoma. Another brave former senator, Nancy Schaefer from Georgia, was killed the same way a few years ago in 2010. Schaefer published “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services”. And here’s her CPS Report written from her desk in the Georgia General Assembly in 2007. Please take the time to read her informative report because it will open your eyes to how deep and twisted the monopoly of evil goes. If it doesn’t break your heart as you read it, you may want to ask yourself why your heart is hardened…

ALL THREE former senators who met with suspicious deaths were looking into problems with Child Protective Services (CPS)!

Child Protective Services (CPS) and/or the Department of Human Services (DHS) are private, non-governmental agencies funded by federal grants. Child Protective Services (CPS) is a multi-billion dollar business and can be a very corrupt service. Unfortunately, there is an incentive to sell children, and CPS can be fraudulent and can hide behind the confidentiality clause! Our taxpayer dollars go to their ever-commanding budget. More should be done about investigating Child Protective Services and how they operate here in Arkansas and other states as well.

Could grant money motivate the removal of children from homes? Could the federal grants be based on quotas? Are we as taxpayers indirectly funding this evil practice? 

List of other names and acronyms for Child Protective Services (CPS):

  • Department of Children and Families – DCF
  • Department of Children and Family Services – DCFS
  • Department of Social Services – DSS
  • Department of Human Services – DHS
  • Department of Child Safety – DCS
  • Department of Child Services – DCS

Child Protective Services / Department of Children and Families (CPS/DCF) is a department under a state’s Health and Human Services organization.

According to the Arkansas Foster Care process, the Arkansas Department of Human Services is tasked by the Arkansas Legislature with the investigation and protection of minors and endangered adults. This task is carried out by the Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS). DCFS is made up of social workers, investigators, and attorneys that investigate and litigate allegations of child and adult maltreatment. DCFS also provides services to families that have been identified as needing services. These services can include counseling, day care vouchers, parenting classes, or other services that the family either requests or that DCFS identifies as a need.

That’s a LOT of power and control! With the epidemic of public corruption that’s been going on in the Arkansas legislature, this has now become dangerous. Who is TRULY watching out for our precious children?

Now… what’s been going on in the Arkansas government? It seems to be out of control. Arkansas has had its share of criminal activity in the state in 2017, 2018, and 2019, and since we have had Governor Hutchinson in power, the moral integrity of our state government has plummeted! Remember, he used to be the U.S. Attorney! Our governor is not doing much to curb the public corruption… and he is a former federal prosecutor. One would think that the duty and heart posture of a former prosecutor would be accountability… You may well know that last year, we had many scandals including fraud, embezzlement, abuse of power, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, bribery, and deception involving state agencies, judges, and other elected officials. Let’s not forget the indiscretions of both the state legislature and local governments as well. We need MORE transparency, not less!

Some of our corrupt Arkansas legislators have been trying to block the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process during the last couple of legislative sessions! The FOIA process is critical and must be kept in place. Who dared block public disclosure? To name a couple of lawmakers who worked feverishly in 2017 to block transparency laws, we have Arkansas Senator Bart Hester and State Senator Bob Ballinger (formerly Representative).

We’ve watched as Non-Governmental Organizations/Agencies, corporations, andsome 501(c)3 charities have been trying to illegally seize our state governments with bribes, payoffs, and schemes by using our lawmakers in order to perpetrate more harmful legislation upon the public … but currently, they are having their little ring of power broken up and exposed! Thank goodness, dear reader! There’s a lot of money and political power at stake here, and many more manipulative, powerful players with deep pockets behind the scenes involved in our political overthrow.

Human trafficking is a BIG business! And the cup of corruption runneth over, not only in Arkansas… but in all of America!

Facts You Need To Know:

Before 2000, the Supreme Court upheld parents’ fundamental right to raise their children, and, for the most part, the parents were considered to be the best caretakers for their children.

However, with the 2000 Troxel Ruling, the Supreme Court opened the door for judges and states to apply their OWN interpretation and rules regarding parental rights.

This is part of a massive system that can threaten the true safety and protection of children and families. The Troxel Ruling set a precedent, and if not properly applied, it could quite possibly destroy the future of our nation and civilization as a whole.

To our dismay, children have become commodities.

Secure Arkansas believes that many of the documented child sex allegations over the years (which have been purposefully covered up) are actually true.

Stay tuned for Part 2…

As ever — stay aware, stay involved, and stay vigilant.

Remember: eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

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