Former Arizona Technology CEO Jeffrey Peterson’s comments about the Arizona Audit Report, Fri Sep. 24th, 2021

” Years ago, I became a donor to the Arizona Democrat Party, a decision I now regret. After becoming close friends with … members of former AZ Governor Janet Napolitano’s circle, a political group the AZ Capitol times calls the “Arizona Mafia,” I discovered this group was closely connected to many improper activities, including questionable ties to the most corrupt political party in the past 100-year history of Mexico, the Mexico-PRI, known by more than 100 million Mexican citizens as the biggest election thieves in North America. The story revealed by the ties between the Mexico-PRI political party and the U.S. Democrat party is a shocking tale of quickly growing influence, even more relevant when considering the PRI’s ties to Communist China.” (see complete letter with more details, .pdf file published on my channel contemporaneously with this notice)

“Today upon reviewing the results of the Arizona Audit report, it is obvious that the technology used in the Arizona election was tampered with through remote access of the Microsoft Windows operating system, one of the most insecure operating systems in the history of the technology sector. I cannot tell you who, or what was responsible for such tampering, why files were deleted … or why thousands of files containing crucial code capable of altering machine functions and processes at the operating system level were modified.

Arizona needs new leadership. The new generation of leadership ought to actually care about the voters, instead of simply using the government to enrich themselves and put down whistleblowers, like Janet Napolitano’s entrenched thug-like “Arizona Mafia.” And, as it is blatantly clear much of the improper activity in Arizona is being accomplished with technology, new leadership should be more tech-savvy.” (see: complete letter, .pdf file, attached)