Evidence Presented Claims Pres. Biden Didn’t Even Win His Home State On Election Night

There’s a theory being passed around by liberals and Democrats that suggests that on election night, not only did Joe Biden do the unthinkable and beat Donald Trump, but he became the most voted for president in the history of America while doing it. To achieve even one of those tasks is a feat in itself, but to do both in a single night – it truly goes to show how great President Biden is or how rigged the election was. With major audits still taking place around the country, evidence continues to emerge showing that the 2020 election wasn’t just tampered with. It was outright stolen. And when it comes to the legendary Joe Biden, a new report claims he didn’t even win his home state of Delaware. 

In a memo released by 2020 Delaware U.S. Senate candidate Lauren Witzke and the Patriots for Delaware, the pair presented startling claims on how Biden was able to win his home state. From dead people voting to voters with government addresses, it’s apparently clear that whatever took place on election night was highly organized. 

Written by Jennifer Cooke, the memo claims,” Not only did dead people vote, but there also seems to be a high number of votes coming from some nursing homes who don’t have nearly that many beds. 296 votes came from a nursing home with only 94 beds. That’s 315% of votes coming from a facility that is rarely at full occupancy. Several other nursing homes reported over 100%, while most facilities in the state reported anywhere from 0% to 75% votes in relation to available beds. Where are all the people that voted from these nursing homes? How could the nursing homes have been that full, occupancy-wise, given the Covid-19 protocol was to lock the facilities down and keep our elderly socially distanced and quarantined?”

As mentioned above, Cooke and the Patriots of Delaware present more evidence than just dead people voting. “It was also revealed that hundreds upon hundreds of votes from “Uniformed and overseas citizens” had a mailing/residential address listed as the addresses of the three-county elections offices in the state. The election law clearly states that these particular voters’ addresses should be listed as their last residential addresses. People don’t live at the state-owned Carvel building in Wilmington. Are these votes legal?”

And as if they need any more evidence to invoke a state audit, they added, “Last is the astronomically high 47,205 ballots sent to adjudication. That amounts to 25% of all mail-in/absentee ballots cast in the state. The FEC allows .0008% of ballots to be sent to adjudication. Clearly, something was wrong during the ES&S tabulation machine scanning of these mail-in/absentee ballots to cause so many of them to be deemed unable to read.”

With the evidence piling up and Biden’s approval rating dwindling, the Patriots of Delaware and Witzke declared, “Our elected representatives and appointed Board of Elections, have a duty to We The People that they have not been living up to. We have questions. We want answers. We will not settle for “There’s nothing I can do” any longer. Audit Delaware.”